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These Are Some of Most Suitable Plants for Monsoons

Each season has its own challenges and quirks to your garden. There are some plants that will do well in winter than in summer. If you are planning to plant in monsoons, you are probably wondering which the best flowers or plants in general are. From water hyacinth wild sesame to Indian Borage, there are plenty of plants that you can choose from.

  • Indian Borage

An excellent plant for your garden in monsoons and one beauty about it is that it lights up space amazingly. It does well in damp patches and blooms nice blue flowers. It grows in bunches and what makes it a special plant is the fact that it’s also a herb.

  • Blue Ipomoea

With its beautiful trumpet-shaped flowers, this heavenly blue flower will perfectly suit your home garden in the monsoons. It’s blue with yellow ‘throats’. The award-winning Ipomoea tricolor opens itself up in the morning and closes in the afternoon thus the name morning glory. The azure hues will brighten your garden and home in general. 

  • Bitter Cucumber

This is another plant that grows well in the monsoons. As it blossoms, you know that you will harvest some fruits thus, besides brightening your garden, you will also have some healthy harvest. What makes this creeper plant beautiful is its bright yellow flowers.

  • Hill Turmeric

A very popular herb in most kitchens, there are several plants for growing this plant. The best part of this plant is when they start to blossom. You will not only notice the beauty of its broad leaves but also the yellow, crimson, purple, red and rose flowers that come up. With these different color shades, you are guaranteed that your garden will be a beauty to behold in monsoon. It’s best grown to line your garden or at the base.

  • Indigo

Indigo blossoming in your garden is a sight to behold. What makes them quite appealing is their bright reddish crimson flowers that are rarely seen. Grown together with other plants of different colors and particularly green ones, they will enhance the beauty of your garden. 

As a homeowner, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to the plants you can grow in your garden in the monsoons. Water hyacinth, wild sesame, Indian borage, indigo, blue ipomoea, and hill turmeric are just some of the plants you can grow in monsoon.