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Bringing out the Best in Your Garden

Your small home garden is a great way to bring out your personality. Being creative in this sector can bring out the best garden you could ever have. Whether you settle for a formal, semi-formal or informal, it’s easy to achieve the garden of your dream but a lot is involved. 

  • Analyze Your Garden or the Area 

Consider the existing trees, the levels and aspect of the garden, soil conditions, drainage, view, sheds and garage, lighting, shades, underground cables, drainage, paved and unpaved areas among other things. To have a better idea on how you want the garden to appear, you can sketch it putting these things into the picture. 

Involve Your Creativity

Once you have analyzed the site and done a sketch of all the basic important things you want included in your garden, it’s time to showcase your personality. What is that one thing you have always wanted in a garden? What can you do differently? What new plants do you want and how can you make it unique? You can add your ideas to the existing sketch.

Decide on the Plants

To bring out the best in your garden, you need to decide on the plants that you prefer. What kind of plants are you looking at and how many? As you buy your plants, you need to assess them carefully. You can read about common plant diseases to be able to have an idea of what to look out for. Inspect the quality of the plants and avoid buying those with yellowish parts, those that have black spots, those with insects and those that have some rotting parts. Another thing to consider while buying plants is the type of soil in your garden.

Keep the Garden Clean

Maybe you do not like a neat garden may be you do. Your garden will look much better when it is clean. This is not the only advantage for keeping your clean garden. Pests prefer untidy gardens same as disease. It will be easy for them to spread when your garden is mucky and full of debris. Do not let diseases thrive in your garden.

Designing your garden, choosing your plants wisely and keeping your garden clean are some of the things that can bring out the best in your garden. A garden in your home is a very personal thing and you can achieve the imaginable when you put your creativity to work.